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Let’s work together to identify simple, practical ways to support a healthier, balanced life.

With the BioScan SRT system we can:

  • Find out what triggers unexplained symptoms or illness.
  • Manage stress and promote well-being.
  • Take a preventative approach to staying healthy.
  • Identify what foods are best for you (and what to avoid).

Thermography for Early Breast Cancer Screening 

  • Radiation-free
  • Non-invasive & pain-free
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Suitable for all types of breasts
  • In-depth analysis using Spatial Thermal Imaging

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Shannon Ambrose
Certified BioScan SRT (B.E.S.T System), Thermography,
Health & Wellness

Mobile: 076 402 6245
Location: Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

What does a session cost?

Core Body Scan (30 minutes): R500

Full Body Scan (60 minutes): R750

Body Scan & Food Sensitivity (90 minutes): R900

Breast Thermography: R1 450 (includes STI analysis by US based thermologist)

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